New Surf Project (NSP)

Short Boards

The 4'9" Grom model is the perfect first board for your son or daughter to call their own. Great to learn on, then as your youngsters ability develops they’ll experience a board tailored to their needs. Not a gimmick or scaled down design, a true performance shortboard developed with input from top young surfers.\r\nThe 5'4" board is a great intermediate designe for junior's first board. Being a friendly board for learning this design has rockers and outlines ensuring a great board that you can progress and learn new moves with.\r\nThe new 6'0" high performance design is great for intermediate thru advanced surfers looking for a durable epoxy board. Contemporary rockers and outlines create a lively boards, that is great for lighter riders.\r\nThe New 6'2" NSP if designed for perfomance. While it is still good for entry-level riders, the 6'2" is a true shortboard model. Favoring intermediate and advanced surfers, and constructed of epoxy it is a long lasting board of fun.\r\nThe new 6'4" offers bottom rockers and outlines for better performance. Designed more as a shortboard for intermediate and core surfers, its size accomodates entry-level riders as well. With the epoxy core its a board you don't mind lending your friends.\r\nOn its fifth season of NSP the 6'6" board has become worldly popular. Being a larger board, it offers enough volume for larger riders. Much more forgiving than your typical shortboard, the 6'6" has been great to get people to start shortboarding.

$379.00  6.0 
$379.00  6.2 
$389.00  6.4 
$399.00  6.6 

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